Taylor Made Custom Woodworking was started over 26 years ago in Bloomingdale, Michigan by Scott Taylor. Scott has been in the cabinetry and woodworking profession for 37 years. He was an apprentice of cabinetry for eight years before moving up to architecturally designed cabinetry and furniture woodworking. There, Scott learned to do things with wood you wouldn't believe possible.


    Since opening Taylor Made 26 years ago, Scott has had many satisfied customers around the area from whom references are available. His unique work is on display in many homes in the area.


    In the front entrance of his shop, there is a showroom with a selection of cabinet door styles on display showing Taylor Made's fine craftsmanship in detail and design.


    Have your won design for a door or cabinet? Own idea? Own drawing? Taylor Made has the expertise to realize the customer's visions from a sketch, design, or idea. Drawings are also available, for the customer to design a kitchen or cabinet according to need. Stop in and visit Taylor Made and see how your dreams can become reality!


    Taylor Made cabinets are just what the name implies. All cabinets are Taylor MAde to suit the design needs of the customer.


    Most cabinet companies work on a three-inch increment basis, causing spacers between cabinets to fit wall lengths. All of our cabinets have a guarantee to fit as close as possible, with the usual space allowed being 1/16 of an inch and no spacers being used.


    All Taylor Made cabinets are made of solid wood and veneers. This means that all of the doors, interiors, and backs are made of solid wood and veneers. thus maintaining their original beauty and durability for many, many years. Special exterior wood and a sealant are used if there is any possibility of exposure to moisture such as condensation or leaks in the plumbing. All drawers are made to particular specifications such as all-wood guides. We also have a wide variety of mechanical and standard hardware to select from.


    Finishes are as varied as hardware. We can ecen custom mix a specific color or shade at the customer's request.


    Lacquers cary widely in their sheen: Flat, Matte, Rubbed Effect, Semigloss, or Gloss. We use only the finest furniture lacquers availble. We also have lacquer urethane, which is similar to polyurethane, and an acrylic epoxy finish which is used where moisture and/or heavy use is common.


    Kicthen and bath countertops frequently come into contact with moisture. To assure the durability and long-lasting beauty of these fixtures, our countertops are custom fit to the shape of the wall, with a backsplash. The countertop is brought to the site in rough form and fitted without laminate. After fitting, we take it back to the shop for fabricating and laminating.


    Tere are many color options avaliable for laminate. We carry Formica, Wilsonart, Pionite, and even Solid Surface. Each of these brands comes in a wide assortment of colors and textures.


    Delivery and installation is always avaliable from Taylor Made upon request.


Taylor Made Custom Woodworking

14662 45th st